About Suwaizumi

A concept we value:“The sky is the limit in our sake making”

This is a phrase of knowledge and hope from a master brewer, which means that there is no limit (highest point) in sake making and there is no ending point either, indicating that we must keep on making efforts on a daily basis.

Kan (Warmed Sake)

Positive effects

The umami of sake makes foods more delicious

The umami of Junmaishu is that of amino acids derived from the ingredients of rice and koji.

You can get slowly and slightly drunk (preventing over-drinking)

“The effect of Hiya (unwarmed sake), like the advice your parents give, sinks in slowly.” (Japanese proverb)

Fun variety of cups

Hirahai (Flat cups), Ochoko (small cylindorical cups), etc.

Temperatures of Kan (Warmed Sake)

The standard temperature is jokan (50°C), and there also are nurukan (45°C) and atsukan (60°C).


Japanese sake, which was enjoyed warmed by aristocrats in the Heian period (794 – 1185), is said to have become widespread among common people in the middle of the Edo period (1603 – 1868). It has been enjoyed warmed since at least 300 years ago. Kan (Warmed Sake) is a good way to enjoy its umami.

Characteristics of the Products

Chugoku Sake Awards 2018 The GOLD MEDAL is awarded to Suwa Shuzo Co,.Ltd.

For Awa-yamadanisiki vintage 2015 in Category Kan (Warmed Sake).